Your peak awaits

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Mission Statement

Tahoe Peaks is a specialized training facility in Truckee, CA.  Me and my team of dedicated trainers are here to help you achieve your goals in the areas of:

  • Golf
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Whatever other health and physical goals you have.


We are all on a lifelong mission to better ourselves which is why at Tahoe Peaks our motto is “Your Peak Awaits”.  Me and my team are to help you be at your peak performance, no matter what it is you are trying to achieve.

Your Success is Our Goal

Your age and level of athleticism are not a determining factor in what we can  help you achieve. Members of the Tahoe Peaks family range in age from 13-88.
If you are a junior athlete, professional athlete, hobbyist, or grandparent  looking to keep up with your grand kids, we will customize the perfect health and
fitness solution to fit your needs.  Adapting new fitness habits can be challenging. Our passion is to help ensure
that you change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are
and your lifestyle.  With proper fitness practices, a healthy diet and the support of the Tahoe Peaks family, you will be able to obtain the healthy lifestyle you are
striving for.


Mikey S.

“My goals were to pursue a better performing body for the sports I love like mountain biking, skiing, and many many more. Staying healthy and injury free is number one for me. I found a great workout partner and was gifted a 30-day trial (Thanks Mo!). I feel stronger than ever before and CAN SEE results after just a few short weeks of training with Gavin and Scott. They give you the positive reinforcement you need to succeed and I plan to continue when the trial is over. Come in and have fun! Who knew “fun” and “workout” could coincide?”

Sherry J.

“I saw a transformation with my friends Amy and Melinda and aspired for the same results. I love coming to Tahoe Peaks. I wouldn’t come 5 days a week if I didn’t. I also love all my new friends.”

Diane T

“I chose to invest in Tahoe Peaks personalized training because they can work with any limitations. They can tailor your program to build your strength and endurance beyond your expectations. I can now pick up my grandchildren without any neck or back pain! This is the best investment I have ever made in my health. As a nurse that works in health care, I would recommend Tahoe Peaks as a basic tool to assist you on your path to health and well being.”

Bill and Joanie T.

“We are a retired couple who knew we really needed to develop much better balance and core strength to enjoy our “Golden Years”. We were very impressed with Scott and Gavin’s knowledge of the body and how it works They make us feel like “we can do it!” even when they are challenging us to our max. If you want to fully enjoy the benefits of living up here in Tahoe, then come join the Tahoe Peaks “family” – besides, it’s a lot of fun!”

Kansas M.

“I looked at a few different gyms in Truckee and it clicked with Tahoe Peaks. My goals were to lose weight, decrease stress, and improve my health. The biggest change I’ve seen is more muscle tone and lower stress. I look forward to the Team Training because we work together and the team depends on me! The trainers are awesome and the individual attention is just what I needed. Part counselor, part teacher, part motivator, and part trainer.”

Rich B.

“I was 275 when I began training with Scott 2 years ago. Today I am 230 lbs and my energy level is through the roof. My self confidence is at an all-time high and the way I feel about myself couldn’t be better. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of growth and maintenance with Tahoe Peaks.”